What to Do if I Have Bed Bugs in My Apartment

As bed bug infestations continue to spread and more people complain, a growing number of apartments are experiencing infestations along with homes, rooming houses, and commercial facilities such as office buildings and retail outlets, among others.

Here’s what you can do if you find bed bugs in your apartment and have been bitten as a result of an infestation.

How Did I Get Bed Bugs in My Apartment

You may be asking this if you discover an infestation, particularly if you regularly wash your bedding and have had no history of infestations. Unfortunately, bed bugs can travel from one apartment to another quickly. In many cases, the key to preventing the spread of bed bugs is for the landlord, building manager, or property owner to take proper measures to prevent their introduction and spread through proactiveness.

If bed bugs are discovered in an apartment, it’s important for the issue to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further contamination across the rest of the building. Renters should be able to live in a sanitary space, and if an infestation spreads to their apartments, they may have the ability to seek compensation for any damages resulting from the infestation.

In many cases, either the building manager or landlord’s neglect will result in bed bug infestations, for which renters and tenants may be able to seek recourse.

Gather Evidence of an Infestation

If you spot bed bugs in your apartment, it’s important to gather sufficient evidence to present to the landlord or an attorney. You may be able to spot visible bed bugs, but in some cases, you may be able to see evidence of their presence in the form of blood spots on bedding and other furniture.

Make sure you check your bedsheets, corners of the mattress, and even behind the headboard. Other dark and damp areas may also house bed bugs.

Bites often appear as small itchy bumps that are red and form a line.

Types of Compensation Available for Apartment Bed Bug Infestations

Tenants of apartment buildings may be able to recover compensation for bed bug bites. Compensation may be recoverable for a variety of damages, including medical bills, along with:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and fear of future bites
  • Disfigurement or permanent scarring resulting from bites
  • Lost wages resulting from work missed due to bed bug bites
  • Property damage and property requiring disposal following an infestation

The best way to try and seek compensation is with the help of an experienced attorney.

Contact an Attorney for Representation in Apartment Bed Bug Cases

Need dependable legal representation for a case involving bed bugs in apartments? Consult with a reputable and experienced attorney to determine whether or not you have a case and can recover compensation. With the right apartment bed bug attorney behind you, you may be able to seek the compensation you deserve.

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  1. Notified management company of bed bug problem when my self and my son showed and felt bed bug bites. 2 days goes by no response from management company. Called back and was told treatment of brd bugs is too expensive. Logged into maintenance side of management and filed request for eradicating of the bugs. Day 4 recieved call from extermination company said they whete on the way for evaluation.
    Evaluation provided evidence-based analyse that infact we had bed bugs in our apartment.we have seen the bugs come out from behind an electrical switch plate on wall.
    We have spent over 100 dollars on laundry mat on clothes and garment cleaning. We have rearranged furniture and boxed many other personal belongings. My son and I have multiple bites, verified by medical doctor that in fact the bites are from bed bugs and not an allergic reaction.
    This houshold is an adult home and its two occupants are on disability.
    I cant afford any remedy to get rid of bed bugs, and management company states via usps we owe them 800 plus dollars

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