3 Rare Bed Bug Bite Symptoms to Be Aware of

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood. Their bites can cause a variety of harmful symptoms. When they bite their hosts, who are usually human, they do so without even being noticed. Most of the time, the host can’t even feel the bite. This is because bed bugs have a unique bodily structure, called proboscises. Proboscises are two tube-like structures used to pierce the skin and inject saliva that has anticoagulant (anesthetic) properties and then drink the blood.

When bitten, the host will usually develop some common symptoms that include small, red lesions on the skin and itching. Some people also experience inflammation and irritation surrounding the bitten areas, while others can feel a burning and painful sensation as well.

However, there are rare symptoms that can appear in people who develop severe allergic reactions to the compounds in the bed bug saliva. Those allergic reactions could lead to serious health problems, which is why everyone should be aware of them.

The following symptoms are extremely rare but, if you happen to experience them after a bed bug bite, be sure to seek medical attention immediately.

Blisters Filled with Blood

In rare cases of bed bug bites, the bitten areas can swell forming blisters around the swollen red bumps on the skin. This usually occurs on the arms and legs. These blisters aren’t necessarily a huge problem, but in some cases, they can be filled with blood and burst, which could leave the skin vulnerable to potential infections.


Fever is another extremely rare bed bug bite symptom that can appear in severe cases of allergic reactions to bed bug bites. If you happen to experience fatigue or start feeling feverish after discovering bed bug bites on your skin, it would be best to see a doctor immediately.

Difficulty Breathing

Difficulty breathing only happens in very extreme cases, but shortness of breath could lead to asthma and potentially to death if a person is repeatedly bitten and the bites are not treated.

In case you experience any of these rare bed bug bite symptoms after staying at a hotel, for instance, you should know that you can get compensation for bed bug injuries. Even if you suffer bites from a mild infestation, you should consult with a bug bed attorney to see if you could file a lawsuit, because someone else’s negligence should not cost you your health.

If you believe you have suffered any of these severe bed bug bite symptoms due to negligence, contact the expert Bed Bug Lawyers. Get a free consultation today.

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  1. My Bites have COMPLETELY filled with Blood. The insects also attacked behind my Left Knee the hardest, where a huge “Baker’s Cyst” has lied dormant for 8 years now. The Cyst has returned and once again, after all of these decades, will have to “DRAINED”. I am Visually Impaired as deemed by the US Government, thus , I do NOT Drive. Because of this vile horrifying insect attack, it has reached a point where I haven’t been able to walk for over 2 Weeks now. The throbbing of the Cyst has escalated and the bites themselves are so itchy and unbearable. 5 Prescriptions have ultimately been filled and still to this day, I cannot obtain Relief. The Head Manager has completely IGNORED every one of my telephone calls and emails. He has been duly reported to the Wyndham/Ramada Corporate Office. I plan on taking Legal Action IMMEDIATELY.

  2. This has been very helpful thank you for posting this there’s something really needs to be done about this thank God Maryland doesn’t have them I’m going back home possibly to another state if need be

  3. I have a confirmed case of bed bug bites while staying in a hotel in Tampa Bay from April 15th to April 19th. I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I have missed this entire week of work because of the bites on my arms and legs, Since I have new bites after coming home, I have ingested my own home with bugs and I now need to get rid of personal belongings.

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