Bed Bugs in Daycare Centers

At daycare centers, children should be consistently protected from potential injuries at all times, including bed bug bites. Unfortunately, these locations are often vulnerable to bed bugs if daycare owners do not take the necessary steps to prevent them, potentially causing distress for both children and their parents. Bed bugs in daycare centers are also not limited to the location, with the ability to spread once parents bring their children home.

When leaving children at daycare centers, parents should not have to worry about the possibility of exposure to bed bugs. However, if an infestation does affect your loved ones, you can take certain steps to help ensure that these pests are eliminated and prevent future infestations.

Check for Signs of Bed Bugs

If you believe your child may be exhibiting symptoms of bed bug bites, there are certain signs that you can check to see if bed bugs in daycare centers are behind them.

Signs of bed bug infestations include black spots on bed sheets, living bed bugs, and eggs. Bed bug bites typically appear in a line on the skin or in small clusters, in the form of a small red rash. If you have recently cleaned your home and experience no signs of infestation outside of your child’s room or only spot bites, this may indicate that the source of the bed bugs is outside the home where your child has stayed.

Daycare centers often carry bedding to accommodate for nap times during children’s stays, which can be susceptible to bed bugs without proper cleaning.

Talk to Daycare Center Owners About Possible Infestations

Your child is likely not the only one suffering from bed bugs in his or her daycare center, which is why you should do what you can to bring attention to the problem before it can get worse. If you suspect your child’s daycare center may be the source of bed bug bite injuries, you should discuss this with the daycare center management. Other parents may also complain, resulting in actions taken to eliminate bed bugs and prevent further infestation.

However, if management fails to address the problem and the infestation has caused physical, emotional, and financial distress, you may be eligible for compensation.

What to Do if You and Your Children Suffer from Bed Bugs in Daycare Centers

Bed bug bites can culminate in many types of distress, ranging from financial loss because of relocation to new daycare centers and treatment to the children’s pain. Many large insurance companies don’t treat bed bug bites with the seriousness they deserve, oftentimes failing to understand the severity of these injuries.

Every child should remain consistently safe from injury in daycare centers, and bug bites are no exception. Negligent daycare facility management can result in widespread infestations that are normally avoidable. Thankfully, families can recover full compensation from these parties in many cases with the help of a bed bug bite attorney.

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