$80,000.00 Resolution for Bed Bug Injuries Resulting from Arguments by Bed Bug Attorneys

When two guests booked a stay at a popular hotel chain they had no idea they would be sharing the room with bed bugs. After reporting the issue to the manager on duty, they were immediately moved to a different room, but the damage had already been done. Not only did the physical bites require them to undergo emergency medical care, but they both underwent multiple therapy sessions to address their psychological distress.

When the hotel guests contacted our firm for representation they were already offered a settlement from the hotel’s insurance company. Our bed bug attorneys prepared a demand and engaged in negotiations for several weeks. Both clients were thrilled to learn that the settlement offers increased exponentially to the amount of $80,000.00; 15xs the offer they had received with the assistance of our bed bug team.

$50,000.00 Recovered After Bed Bugs Ruin Family Trip

A father and his adult daughter stayed at a popular hotel chain for a family member’s wedding and within a matter of days suffered hundreds of bed bug bites/welts. Female bed bugs do not need to mate between each round of eggs they lay. If left unchecked, a bed bug infestation can rapidly grow out of control.

The wedding guests suffered injuries requiring medical treatments and received prescriptions to steroids in attempt to combat the itching and burning caused by the bed bug bites/welts. After signing with Bed Bug Injury Law, our attorneys went to work educating the insurance company on the seriousness of the injuries involved and how these situations can be avoided through proper hotel diligence. Ultimately, our attorneys were able to recover $50,000.00 on behalf of the father and daughter based on their injuries and the hotel’s failure to adequately conduct their inspection duties.

$50,000.00 Settlement for Man Bitten by Bed Bugs

While briefly staying at a large hotel chain for an alma mater homecoming event, a hotel guest was exposed to bed bugs. The hotel guest suffered multiple bed bug bites that  resulted in an allergic reaction. Damages not only included medical expenses, but property losses as well.

Within days of the incident the hotel guest contacted our bed bug attorneys for representation. Our attorneys were able to successfully argue that the hotel’s negligence directly and substantially caused harm to our client. After only a few negotiations with the hotel’s insurance carrier, our firm secured a favorable pre-litigation settlement in the amount of $50,000.00 on behalf of our client.

$45,000.00 Recovered for Guests of Resort

It took several days after checking out of a resort before the resort guests realized they had come in contact with an infestation during their stay. It is common for bed bug bites and welts to take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to surface. By the time the guests had developed bites and welts and were diagnosed by a treating physician, they had already returned home with their luggage taken to the resort.

The insurance carrier for the property attempted to argue the guests had brought the infestation with them to the resort. However, having extensive experience representing bed bug victims, our bed bug attorneys knew other individuals had been injured by bed bugs at the same resort and was able to successfully argue the existence of a long term bed bug treatment problem at the resort. After a few negotiations, our bed bug attorneys were able to successfully secure over $45,000.00 for the resort guests.

Bed Bug Attorneys Recover $25,000 for Couple Attacked by Bed Bugs

A vacationing couple did not pencil in bed bugs when coordinating their family vacation. After arriving at a well known hotel, they found themselves extraordinarily itchy. An inspection of the mattress, revealed a definitive infestation that was confirmed by the property’s night manager. The couple was switched to new room, but the hotel’s efforts to treat their belongings caused irreparable damage as everything was shrunk in the process.They had to seek medical care for their numerous bed bug bites and suffered lost wages as well.

While in search of representation, the couple contacted Bed Bug Injury Law and subsequently entered into an attorney-client representation. After several negotiations our attorneys successfully recover $25,000.00 for the couple.

Bed Bug Attorneys Recover $25,000.00 Despite Guest Spending Days In Hotel Room

In June of 2018, a welding inspector suffered in excess of 75 painful bed bug bites at a popular hotel chain. Her injuries were so extensive she required a steroid injection in an attempt to combat the itching and burning at the location of the bed bug bites/welts. The welding inspector spent three days in the bed bug infested room before learning the source of her injuries and immediately vacating the bed bug infested hotel.

Despite the hotel guest spending days in the infested room, after numerous conversations with the insurance adjuster, Bed Bug Injury Law was able to recover medical expenses and lost wages in full, obtaining a $25,000.00 settlement on behalf of the welding inspector.

Over $15,000 Recovered for Victim of Bed Bug Bites at Hotel

Within a few hours of checking into the room of a well-known hotel, a sleeping guest suffered such immense itching that he jumped out of the bed. Upon inspection he realized that a bed bug was the culprit of his discomfort and the bites on his skin were painful and prominent.

After contacting our firm, Bed Bug Injury Law entered into an attorney client relationship and aggressively pursued the matter. When negotiations concluded with the hotel’s insurance carrier, our client expressed sanctification with receiving a final settlement offer of $15,927.71 within just a few months of legal representation.

$15,000.00 for Victim of Bed Bug Bites at Hotel

A Hilton guest was given a room with an ongoing bed bug infestation. After only a few nights at the hotel, the guest sustained several bed bug bites. In addition to physical injuries, the guest incurred medical expenses and had to discard of her luggage.

The hotel guest contacted our attorneys for representation. Shortly thereafter, we were in communication with Hilton’s insurance carrier and within a few months of negotiations, secured a $15,000.00 settlement for the hotel guest’s bed bug injuries.

Over $20,000.00 Recovered for Mother and Son Injured by Bed Bugs at Cabin

During the first night at a cabin, a mother and son encountered a bed bug infestation. In the middle of the night the mother was awaken by her crying son. After turning on the lights and pulling back the covers, the mother discovered several bed bugs and immediately removed her son from the infested room. After collecting several bed bugs in a bag to show the front desk, the mother reported the infestation and checked out.

The mother and son suffered numerous bites and welts from the infestation and underwent medical treatments for their injuries. After the mother and son entered into an attorney-client relationship, our attorneys immediately went to work on drafting a demand for their injuries. After several negations with the insurance carrier for the cabin, our bed bug attorneys successfully negotiated a settlement in excess of $20,000.00 for the mother and son.

$15,000.00 Recovery for Victim’s Psychological Injuries After Encountering Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bug can cause its’ victims severe psychological issues, including anxiety and loss of sleep. It is not uncommon for victims to experience psychological trauma related to the thought of bed bugs crawling all over them as they sleep at night. However, it can be difficult to recover psychological damages without documented proof the condition exists.

A client of ours who encountered a bed bug infestation at a hotel suffered loss of sleep and anxiety for several months after the incident. Although the client never underwent medical treatment for his psychological injuries, our attorneys were able to successfully argue on his behalf and recover $15,000.00 for his injuries.

Bed Bug Attorneys Turn Insurance Claim Denial into Favorable Settlement for Clients

A family stayed at a hotel and woke up the next day to a bed bug infestation. Initially, the family received a claim denial from the insurance carrier for the hotel. The hotel’s insurance carrier made arguments similar to ones our attorneys have heard several times; the hotel’s infested condition was not caused by negligence and the hotel did not have notice of any previous bed bug infestations at the property.

Our attorneys successfully argued the numerous reasons the hotel acted negligently by failing to prevent and treat bed bug infestations on the property. Additionally, our attorneys were able to establish the bed bug infestation present at the hotel was indicative of a long term infestation. After only one negotiation, our attorneys were able to overturn the claim denial and secure a confidential, large five figure settlement for the family.

$17,500.00 for Victim of Bed Bug Bites at Orlando Hotel

Orlando hotel guests were given a room with an ongoing bed bug infestation. After only a few nights at the hotel, the guests sustained several bed bug bites. In addition to physical injuries, the guests incurred medical expenses and had to discard of luggage.

The hotel guests contacted our attorneys for representation. Shortly thereafter, we were in communication with the insurance carrier for the property and within a few days of negotiations, secured a $17,500.00 settlement for the hotel guests’ bed bug injuries.

Bed Bug Firm Negotiates $10,000 Settlement for Couple even after Hotel Refunded Stay and paid Medical Bill

A bed bug attack at a large chain hotel greatly interfered with a couple’s efforts to engage with and comfort grieving loved ones during a time of bereavement. The husband and wife were forced to seek medical care after the itchy bites, though few in number, proved to be unbearable. As a result, they missed the greater portion of the funeral services, which was the purpose of their trip and had to dispose of their travel bags. The hotel refunded money from their stay in the bed bug infested room and remitted payment for the cost of their medical treatment, but the couple could not recoup the precious time they lost with loved ones.

When the couple contacted Bed Bug Injury Law, they were uncertain if they could take further action against the property since medical and hotel expenses were already paid. Nevertheless, our attorneys pressed forward with a demand and in just 4 weeks negotiations culminated with a $10,000.00 settlement.

Attorney Maxes Medical Policy After Medical Damages Initially Denied

A man in his early 60’s suffered bed bug injuries at a popular upscale hotel. In less than 24-hours, the gentleman suffered in excess of 40 painful bed bug bites/welts. The pain was so intense the gentleman sought medical attention and received a steroid injection. As the weeks passed, the gentleman required further medical appointments, additional steroids, and numerous exams with a cardiologist.

The adjuster refused to pay for the bulk of the medical damages alleging they were unrelated to the bed bug injuries. After several conversations with the adjuster, Bed Bug Injury Law was able to persuade the adjuster into covering the medical bills to full policy limits. In total, Bed Bug Injury Law recovered $9,246.25 on the gentleman’s behalf.

Two Couples Collect $75,000 From Princeton Hotel Bed Bug Infestation

Two couples stopped at a popular hotel chain in Princeton, Illinois. Shortly after check-in both couples were bitten by an active bed bug infestation at the hotel. The 4 individuals suffered a total of nearly 200 bed bug bites in less than 24-hours. After the bites were discovered the couples immediately reported the infestation to the hotel.

The victims promptly reached out to our experienced bed bug injury lawyers for assistance in seeking financial compensation against the negligent hotel. After hard fought negotiations, bed bug injury law recovered over $75,000.00 in compensation for the injured couples.

Married Couple Gets Favorable $20,000 Settlement

A husband and wife decided to take a trip to a well known hotel chain. Little did they know that shortly after checking into the hotel, their stay would become an absolute nightmare.

It all started when the married couple lay down in bed for the evening, but rather than a restful night’s sleep they were attacked by bed bugs in the middle of the night. The couple immediately started to develop signs of bites, with multiple welts developing on their bodies.

Luckily the couple was savvy enough to document the infestation, taking videos of active bed bugs on their sheets and crawling around the hotel bed. This video evidence was later found crucial to their eventual hotel claim.

After the couple reached out to our bed bug injury lawyers, we were able to secure them a $20,000 settlement in exchange for damages that occurred from the bed bug event.

Woman Receives $25,000 From Airbnb Bed Bug Settlement

A woman staying at an Airbnb property experienced a physical reaction to multiple bed bug bites that required medical treatment. The incident occurred in 2021 at an Airbnb located in Central Florida.

After the woman went to sleep the first night, she was immediately attacked by multiple bed bugs that were lingering in the bedroom. Immediately following a very traumatic night, she inspected the bed only to find fecal stains (a common sign of a bed bug infestation).

The physical symptoms required her to get medical treatment, leading to multiple expenses as a result of the infestation. Our attorneys at bed bug injury law were quick to help her, and in the end were able to procure a $25,000 settlement as a result of the physical harm, medical expenses, and other damages.

Mother & Daughter Receive $34,000 After Being Bitten At Florida Resort

A mother and daughter staying at a hotel & resort were attacked by bed bugs while on vacation. The family vacation at this four star resort in Central Florida quickly went sideways after they woke up with bed bug bites from the very first night.

Initially the family did not know the cause of these bites, but after being bitten on the second night the family inspected around the room to determine the root cause. They immediately found evidence of an infestation, in the form of active bed bugs crawling around the room.

After bed bugs were discovered the family reported the infestation to hotel management, at which point they were moved to another room by hotel security. The mother and daughter also each received medical treatment for what was diagnosed as ‘insect bites.’

Thankfully, the family reached out to our bed bug injury lawyers, and received a global settlement worth $34,000 in financial compensation.