Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if I’ve been bitten by bed bugs?

Bed bugs typically bite in groups of three. They typically appear as swollen, red bumps that may be itchy or irritating. However, every individual reacts differently to bed bug bites and some may not react at all. If you suspect you came in contact with bed bugs you should immediately inspect the bed you slept in for bed bug nests and/or bed bug fecal stains. Take photographs of anything you find during your inspection. You should also take photographs of your injuries at the onset and over time as your injuries may change in appearance.

Aside from the bites and itchiness, you may also experience insomnia, anxiety, and scarring at the location of the bites. Most individuals who come in contact with bed bugs will immediately seek medical treatment to verify they did not contract an infection or disease from being in contact with a bed bug infestation.

2. Can I sue my landlord for bed bugs?

Yes. Renters who enter into a lease agreement for a unit that ends up having an ongoing bed bug infestationmay file a claim against their landlord(s) and property management company if theirnegligent actions caused or failed to prevent the existence ofa bed bug infestation. To determine if you have a valid claim against your landlord and/or property management company, contact our experienced bed bug lawyers today for a free consultation.

3. I stayed in a hotel room that I think may have had bed bugs. Do I need to throw everything away?

If you think you came in contact with a bed bug infestation during a recent hotel stay, you should immediately contact an experienced bed bug lawyer to discuss your options. You should notify hotel management about the incident, including providing them with your room number. It is important you take down the name and contact information of the individual the report was made with. You should also report the incident to the applicable department of health.

It is common for people who think they came in contact with a bed bug infestation to discard of the belongings they broughtwith them to the infested room out of fear of spreading the infestation. If you decide to discard of any belongings it is important you prepare a detailed, itemized list of each item discarded and if possible, take photographs of the items prior to discard.

Alternatively, you may be able to preventspreading the infestation into your homeby washing and drying the items in the hottest water possible and by putting any affected items in a dryer for 30 minutes (at least) on high heat to kill the bed bugs.

4. Can I sue a hotel for bed bugs?

Yes. If you came in contact with a bed bug infestation during a recent hotel stay you may be able to sue and recover damages for your injuries. An experienced bed bug lawyer will be able to advise you on your options. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

5. How do I get rid of bed bugs, and how long do their bites last?

The best way to get rid of a bed bug infestation in by treating the contaminated items with high treatments or discarding of the contaminated items prior to bringing them into your home.

Most bed bug bites heal within one to two weeks but their residual impact can take months to years to heal. Several individuals experience scaring/discoloration at the location of the bites and welts and most suffer anxiety and loss of sleep. Typically, undergoing dermatology and psychological treatments will help shorten the recovery process.

6. How do I prove that bed bugs were present?

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” never rang more true than in a personal injury case. Taking photographs of your injuries, of the room and of any proof you find of an ongoing bed bug infestation will help to strengthen your case. Another strong way to build your bed bug case is to seek medical attention so a skilled medical provider can document your injuries.

Anything that occurs after you came in contact with a bed bug infestation should be documented. You should document the names of contact information of each individual you speak with about the infestation, each medical appointment you attend and separate every entry by date. The more detailed you are the more capable a bed bug lawyer will be at assisting you with a claim.

7. Should I sign and agree to a settlement from a furniture store I got bed bugs from?

No. You should never sign a legal document without first consulting with an experienced attorney. Signing a settlement agreement without first seeking assistance from an attorney can put you at risk. Not only can it prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve, but you may have no recourse if you settle early rather than fighting for justice with legal representation. Insurance carriers and companies know unrepresented individuals are likely to accept low offers. Contact an experienced lawyer immediately if a furniture store attempts to make a settlement offer for bed bug infested furniture.

8. What is the value of my bed bug case?

While there is no concrete formula for determining the worth of a bed bug case, there are some factors to assist in determining the value of your claim. For instance, the number of bites can be an indicator of the severity of the infestation. Additionally, whether the property owner knew or should have known about the infestation is also an important factor in determining compensation, as is the history of infestations at the property. Bed bug cases are pursued on a case-by-case basis, call a bed bug attorney today for help building your case.

9. What type of compensation can I receive for bed bug injuries or complications?

When dealing with the aftermath of coming in contact with a bed bug infestation there are severaldamages you can seek compensation for; such as, pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, property damages (including clothing, furniture, personal items, luggage, etc.), medical expenses, lost wages, transportation costs, temporary housing and future pain and suffering. An experienced bed bug lawyer will be able to help you determine which type(s) of compensation you are eligible for. 

10. What happens once I hire a bed bug lawyer?

Once you hire a bed bug injury lawyer, our experienced personal injury team will immediately determine who the negligent parties are, put them on notice of the claim. We will also obtain any past infestation information available, and other relevant information such as; related medical records, photographs of the bed bug bites, photographs of the infestation, incident reports, receipts, extermination invoices, and more. Bed Bug Injury Law will spend countless hours working on crafting the strongest case to further your position in an attempt to secure the highest amount possible to compensate you for your injuries.

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