Bed Bugs in Assisted Living Facilities

Bed bugs are common in nearly any type of residence, including assisted living facilities. There are many types of injuries that residents in these facilities can experience, including bedsores, physical abuse or neglect, and bed bug bites, among others. Bed bugs can cause serious injury, contrary to what you may believe, particularly for residents who may be unable to actively complain about their presence.

If you suspect a loved one may be suffering from bed bug bites at an assisted living facility, there are several ways you can determine if an infestation is present. Bed bug bite victims and their families can also seek compensation if negligence is behind these infestations, helping prevent future problems for the claimant and other residents.

How to Check for Signs of Bed Bugs in Assisted Living Facilities

Some of the signs of a bed bug infestation include black spots on bed sheets, visible living bed bugs, and eggs. Victims themselves will display bite marks that appear as small red welts, oftentimes in the shape of a line. In poorly lit rooms, you can use a flashlight to inspect darker areas in or around beds.

Other areas of a resident’s room are unlikely to experience any infestation, with most bed bugs staying in and around beds.

You shouldn’t ignore any signs of bed bug infestations if you spot any while at a hotel. Any of these indications could result from the negligence of hotel staff and management, putting them at fault. If you have experienced any bug bites while staying at a hotel or any other facility, you should check for signs of bed bugs as soon as possible and gather photographic evidence to support your case. With the help of a bed bug attorney, this could lead to a successful lawsuit for which you’ll receive full compensation for any monetary or non-monetary damages.

Speak with Management Regarding Bed Bug Infestations

Assisted living staff could possibly be the cause of bed bug bite injuries, negligent actions such as failing to change bed sheets or noticing signs of infestations. If you identify a potential infestation or bed bug bites, you should notify management immediately and inform them of these findings. If management is responsible, they should take the infestation seriously and work to eliminate this problem and prevent future infestations.

In the meantime, you may be able to move the resident to another room or floor in the facility, but if bed bugs continue to affect them regardless of where they stay, you should consider moving them to another assisted living facility.

When to Sue for Bed Bug Bites in Assisted Living Facilities

While the physical damage can be bad enough, bed bug bites can also cause emotional and financial distress, with the costs of medical treatment and moving to another facility potentially causing stress to both victims and their loved ones.

Insurance companies tend to avoid treating bed bug bite injuries with the seriousness they deserve, displaying a lack of understanding regarding these injuries In situations such as this, it is recommended that the injured individual or their family should contact an experienced bed bug attorney.

If negligent parties are responsible for bed bug infestations in an assisted living facility, victims may be eligible for full compensation with the help of a bed bug lawyer.

Contact a Bed Bug Bite Lawyer Today

If you believe a negligent party is responsible for bed bug infestations that have caused injury to a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation with the help of a qualified attorney.

Our bed bug bite lawyers have substantial experience and knowledge regarding these cases to give you and your loved ones the attention you need. Contact us today for representation and get a free consultation.

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