What Causes Bed Bugs?

After a long day, people simply want to climb into bed and relax; however, there are few things worse than waking up covered in itchy, red welts. The culprit might be bed bugs. There are many people who feel like bed bugs come from a filthy, dirty, grimy bed but this is not the case. In reality, bed bugs are not drawn to decay at all. As long bed bugs are fed, they can stay alive in nearly any environment.

Like mosquitoes, bed bugs rely on blood to stay alive and reproduce; however, unlike mosquitoes, they cannot fly to their next meal. Instead, bed bugs hide near their food source until they feel like they can safely come out and feed.

This means that bed bugs can even survive in an area that appears clean. Therefore, bed bugs thrive on a simple lack of awareness. With this in mind, what causes bed bugs in the first place?

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

Bed bugs live nearly exclusively in areas with people. This is because they need people to survive. While many people think about hotels and motels when it comes to bed bugs, the truth is they can be found almost anywhere. Some of the places where bed bugs are found include:

  • Cruise ships, planes, trains, and taxis
  • Colleges, universities, and other places of higher education
  • Police stations, fire stations, and hospitals
  • Daycare facilities and nursing homes
  • Office buildings
  • Movie theaters

Clearly, bed bugs live almost anywhere. Therefore, how does someone end up encountering bed bugs?

Tips for Spotting Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in an infested apartment or hotel room can crawl between electrical outlets and other openings to get from one room to another. A property owner’s failure to properly prevent and/or treat an infestation can cause bed bugs to spread. These shortcomings can result in bed bugs catching a ride on an unsuspecting victim to another location.

To determine if a property has an ongoing problem with bed bugs, or if you unknowingly brought a bed bug with you, count the number of bites you sustained, and determine how much evidence of the existence of an infestation is present at the property. Any evidence of an ongoing infestation should be photographed immediately.

Ways to determine if a property has a long-term bed bug infestation:

  • You suffered several bed bug bites;
  • You find more than one bed bug;
  • You find bed bugs in different life cycles;
  • You find bed bug excrement on the mattress, box spring and/or bed frame;
  • You find dead bed bugs or exoskeletons;
  • You learn about past bed bug issues at the property.

In order to avoid catching bed bugs, there are a few tips that people should follow. These include:

  • When spending the night at a motel or hotel, check the bed for bed bugs. They look like the tip of a pen; however, after a meal, they swell. This makes the bed bugs easier to see.
  • When using public transportation, check the seats closely. Then, inspect articles of clothing before standing up to leave.
  • After hosting overnight guests, wash all bedding and towels in hot water to get rid of any bed bugs they might have left behind.
  • After coming home from a friend’s house, wash all clothing thoroughly in case bed bugs hitched a ride home.

Treating Bed Bug Injuries

Anyone who has bed bug bites should know that there are treatment options available. Due to the painful and potentially dangerous nature of bed bug bites, you should always consider if undergoing professional medical treatment is the best course of action for your injuries. If not, try to apply an anti-itch cream (such as calamine lotion) to the bed bug bites. If this isn’t enough, consider taking an oral antihistamine medication. This might reduce the burning and itching feeling that goes along with bed bugs. Finally, if there is any swelling, an over the counter pain medication such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen might help with this.

While plenty of over the counter remedies exist, you should consider seeking medical attention if the swelling continues or if the bites become infected. In some individuals, bed bug bites can lead to adverse reactions such as anaphylaxis. In these cases, you should seek medical attention immediately.  Anyone who has suffered bed bug injuries should know that there are trained professionals willing to lend a helping hand.

Contact Bed Bug Injury Legal Professionals

There is nothing worse than bringing home uninvited guests, such as bed bugs, after a visit to a resort, furniture store, apartment building, or other location. Bed bugs can pose a real threat to someone’s health and safety. Therefore, people deserve to have their rights protected. If you have been harmed by bed bugs, give us a call today to learn more about how we may be able help you. Contact us today to see if you have a case!

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. This firm handles claims nationwide on a pre-litigation basis. Some attorneys are not licensed to practice in certain jurisdictions. Although most bed bug cases resolve without a lawsuit, should one need be filed in a jurisdiction the firm is not authorized to practice, our lawyers work with local counsel upon the execution of a new agreement.

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