Is a hotel liable for bed bugs?

The answer is that it depends. If a hotel has bed bugs, but you were not harmed by them, then there may not be any right to a financial recovery. On the other hand: if you stay at a hotel; the hotel has bed bugs; the infestation is such that the hotel clearly knew or should have known about the bed bugs, and you are harmed by them, then the hotel may be liable for the related medical expenses and damages you incur.

Keep in mind that if you suffer severe bed bug bite injuries during a hotel stay there is a strong chance that the hotel has had bed bug issues in the past or is dealing with an ongoing bed bug problem.

If you stay at a hotel, many properties are required to protect their guests from dangerous conditions they knew or should have known about. This can include injuries caused by slipping, tripping, electrical injuries, mold exposure, and even bed bug infestations. Therefore, if you are harmed by bed bugs, there is a chance the hotel is responsible for your injuries. On the other hand, the mere presence of bed bugs doesn’t necessarily mean that the hotel is responsible, and each jurisdiction may be different. Due to how hotels are structured there can be a variety of options on where to bring your potential claim. If you are harmed by bed bugs, you should consider speaking with a legal professional to learn more about the specific options for your potential case.

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