Bed Bug Settlement Averages, What To Know.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of bed bug bites, and you believe they are the results of the negligence of a third party, you may be entitled to compensation if you file a bed bug lawsuit. Filing bed bug lawsuits and winning a case will require some planning, which a bed bug injury attorney can help you accomplish.

As noted on our page about resolved cases, bed bug lawsuit settlements can range anywhere from $10,000 to $80,000 or more given the situation.

To learn more about how to move forward on a lawsuit, here are some basic steps to follow if you want to receive compensation for bed bug bites.

How to File a Bed Bug Lawsuit

As soon as you suspect you’ve suffered from a bed bug infestation due to the negligence of hotel staff or others, you need to collect sufficient evidence to file a lawsuit. This will entail taking photographs of bedsheets and other areas where visible evidence is present, such as small red spots or dead bed bugs. You also need to notify management of the infestation so a proper inspection of the room can be performed.

Any evidence supporting your lawsuit will help you successfully file one with the help of a bed bug bite lawyer. You can then consult with an attorney who can determine whether or not you have a bed bug case and proceed with a lawsuit.

How to Win a Bed Bug Lawsuit

Once you have filed a bed bug lawsuit with your attorney’s help, he or she will guide you through the process from there. It can take a lot of effort to prove negligence, but if you have the evidence to support your case, you’ll be able to more successfully receive full compensation for the damages.

Victims of bed bug bites can receive bed bug compensation for both monetary and non-monetary damages. Monetary damages may include medical bills for treatment, lost wages, replacement of furniture, extermination costs, and others. Non-monetary damages include pain and suffering as a result of the infestation, such as embarrassment and stress from itching, and some even experience a fear of going to sleep as a result of their bites.

Your attorney will try to get all of the types of compensation you and your family deserve, whether for monetary and non-monetary damages. However, keep in mind that the process may require some time before you see the desired settlement.

How Long Does a Bed Bug Lawsuit Take?

Like any other lawsuit, there isn’t a specific amount of time that a bed bug lawsuit will take. There are many factors that will affect the proceedings and settlements in a bed bug lawsuit, which will ultimately influence the length of time of the lawsuit. You attorney will work with you to make sure the outcome of the lawsuit is in your favor, which may mean that the lawsuit will require a longer timespan.

While you may want the lawsuit to take as little time as possible and to receive full compensation when you need it, the process may require some patience to get the outcome you want.

Consult with a Bed Bug Attorney Today

Even if you have experienced a mild infestation of bed bugs in a hotel or bed bugs in apartment building, or as a result of infested rental furniture, you may be able to receive ample compensation if the infestation resulted from another party’s negligence. The best way to determine whether or not you can file a lawsuit is to consult with an experienced bed bug attorney. You can present evidence to a lawyer, who can then help you file a lawsuit and begin the legal process.

Whether you have suffered bites from a mild or extensive infestation, you should seek help with a bed bug lawyer as soon as possible to seek the compensation you deserve.

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  1. I wad severely bitten by bed bugs at the Penn Werner Hotel Wernesvill Pa.on the night of 10-19-17 and 10-20-17

  2. I was in a facility for the disabled in st.petersburg fla.i was bitten by bedbugs so bad i was taken to hospital.when i called a news station about this the facility evicted me.

  3. I am currently in the hotel room they are infested with bed bugs from head to toe I have bed bugs bites I’ve told management I don’t believe they’re doing the proper cleaning the bed bugs do I have a case I am suffering for the past week I have her evidence pictures videos

  4. I think I was exposed to bedbugs, when I purchased a Sofa and Loveseat from Aarons Sales I purchased years ago and did not complain because I have never heard of such. I have sever scars on my back, I can t hardly sleep, the children have bites too. This is torture, and I want to do something about it

  5. I recently moved into a new apartment on November 25th 2017 when I woke up the next morning I was all itchy I couldn’t figure out what was going on I have done found what looks like bed bugs to me and I’ve been told by the landlord that they are spiders but have a confirmation from the University of Minnesota that they are indeed bed bugs and I’m still getting bit my landlord is accusing me of bringing it in when I’ve had all of the same things for many years and never had this issue until now the landlord was refusing to but the Bug Guy go and investigate other the bug guy said he didn’t find anything in my apartment but yet I got almost a ziplock baggie full of bed bugs

  6. Received about 13 insect bites at Best Wrstern Seekonk Dec 25-26. Saw black bug in bedsheets abt 3 am Welts and swelling came out during the day. Told desk clerk on way out

  7. Islander inn ocean isle beach I got bite bye bed bug but they found them behind the headboard not sheets

  8. my husband and I stayed at the quality inn and suites in waycross ga, on 3 separate occasions and was severely attacked from bedbugs each time along with roaches believe it or not the roaches are coming out of the iron, stuffed toilet paper in holes of the bathroom we have attempted to settle this on our own, manager stated you don’t have to stay here, I really don’t care, she stated I’m never satisfied, I have been staying at that hotel for 8 yrs and unfortunately it has changed hands several times but the hotel remains in the family
    I’ve requested o.j.iwners info and was told he was in India and are unaware when he’ll be back.

  9. I am NOT, neither was my husband a law suits person. But, trying sooo many things for years after staying at the Crowne Plaza Houston River Oaks – 2712 SW Freeway in Houston, TX 77098
    I contracted some kind of parasite skin disease that no one so far has been able to cure or diagnose, making my life miserable and pretty much unable to have a normal social and family life. My husband, an MD Anderson patient also while staying there came down with an infection and hospitalized for days. On the internet I read someone having problems with the same room: 801. Mine started one morning trying to get to the Hospital MD Anderson some bug bit me and I couldn’t stop the bleeding, therefore I put some tissues for the blood and got down to the Lobby to see if they could supply me with a band aid, the woman who checked us in Jackie and the young lady Concierge (don’t recall her name), took me to an empty office to look at the problem and apply the band aid, the Concierge asked Jackie if she knew of that particular room having previous problems, but I didn’t hear or saw a reply since my back was facing the wall. At that time my major and only concern was my husband’s illness, nothing else had priority until he passed away; little I knew the hell I was to go through for years.. but NO MORE! I’m determined to sue the heck out of them for the misery that I have gone through and continue to. My body is full of scars, dark spots and the itching 24/7 is hell on earth. After these women waited on me that morning, about the next day or the day after on my way out to catch the shuttle to the Hospital I saw a good number of Terminix employees having a meeting in a room , visible from the hallway to the front door. I’m sure all these records would be easy to collect; I have one of the Hotel’s statements. I believe we stayed there 2-3 times, whenever we couldn’t get a room at the Rotary House, he was treated for almost 3 years.
    I probably should have decided to take this step a long time before but, after years of Drs. creams, ointments, baths, etc. I can’t stand it anymore and find myself mad as hell.
    My email is phone 251-609-2977 cell,
    I would appreciate a reply with your opinion. Thanks! M. Adkins

  10. I live in Evansville, Indiana. The house I rented for 14 months was infested with bedbugs. I suffer from PTSD and I had to throw all my furniture away. The baby bedbugs were inside my ears. I was humiliated and embarrassed. I became withdrawn. I called and wrote letters to my landlord pleading for him to exterminate or relocate me. I have pics of bites and bedbugs everywhere in house. I found out that other tenants and apts were infested too. Fetter Properties evicted me. Currently I’m being sued for $4,000 due to the house not rented out for 6 months. I want to sue for my suffering and loss of property. Please help me. Veronica

  11. I believe that the mattress and boxspring set that I purchased from a retail establishment on Springfield Avenue in Newark New Jersey has been previously used and put inside of a new cover and it’s sold as new. I have samples of the bed bugs and pictures of my sheet that proves bed bug infestation.. I have been in my rental room a year before noticing the infestation. I have the bed bugs and clear cellophane tape.
    I stay up most of the night because I don’t want to be bitten. I can’t afford a new bed and box spring right now because of my sporadic employment. I’m up at night. Whenever see a bed bug I collect them and have them all in a plastic bag right now with each of them sealed between cellophane tape.

  12. I am at Joshua Glover hallway house reentry center and they have bed bugs and I’ve been bit several times

  13. I have evidence of a bedbug infestation in my apt. I’ve been bitten, my girlfriend, her daughter and my son.

  14. I have been bitten every year ! I’m allergic to even one bire. I now carry an Epi Pen, taking Alprazolam fir Anxiety, and Hydroxyzibe for the a victim of Cross Contamination….my neighbors have infestations. The bedbug people are her now!
    I have been bitten in my face; permanent scaring. I’m AfricanAmerican and I have developed visible hyper pigmentation.
    Sleepless nights.
    I have picture and written documents of this on going problem.
    I’m tired of being ‘pissed on, and Management calling it rain’!

  15. I’m just checking…I stayed at a Comfort Suites in Monroe, Louisiana on 8-18 June 2018. I had stayed many times before with no problem. On the 16th I asked for an additional blanket and I expressely as if it was clean and told yes. The next morning I awoke with small dots that were very itchy. My sister said it looks like bed bug bites, I blew it off. The next day the dots had spread to various parts of my body, except my face. I checked out the hotel on the morning of the 18 but by the night, I was so covered and itchy I had to go to urgent care, where was I was looked over and confirmed that it was bed bug bites. I was given a shot and a script for 3 meds including prednisone. I have informed Corporate but was wondering if it was enough or do I need an attorney?

  16. I been having a issue with these bugs since I rented furniture from Aaron’s and they want do Nothing about it,My grandkids has experience so many bite from the bugs,i have pictures,videos,and etc.

  17. I am embarrassed by the horrible red bumps evident on my face and arms and hands. I am in pain and terribly itchy to the point of lost sleep and anxiety.

  18. hello my family and I checked into a motel in lantana Florida and I’m gonna make a long story short but we all were bitten by bed bugs I was bitten the worse. I have oozing open soars all over my body even on my face and neck. it’s so embarrassing I know they will scar. also I’m 6 months pregnant and worriwd about infections. I told hotel managment and they did not even offer me any compensation for the money I had prepaid. I’m very depressed and upset and haven’t had much sleep. I can’t get that vision of me lifting the sheet and bugs shaking out. I took video and have pictures of both the bugs in the beds and bites on me and my kids. the health department came out and confirmed there are live and dead bed bugs in the room. Do I have a case? I have found it hard to talk with a lawyer who handles such cases and I would love a resolution to this matter. thank you very much!

  19. About a week ago we found a couple bed bugs. My husband contacted building maintenance/management.
    He was told the neighbor brought in a roommate that had them and treated the apartment, and they would send Orkin here today (we told them s week ago)
    Well, after emails and calls, and a ton of prep, they say they couldn’t get Orkin today but will asap.
    We have bagged stuff up, washed stuff, thrown away stuff… and we are just supposed to wait.
    This is not ghe first time they have done this either

  20. I been going through this bed bugs issues since 2008 / 2014 and 20018 , they keep repeating itself, I don’t know what to do anymore I have small children into apartment. Something nerf to be done

  21. I am all bit up from bed bugs! I’ve told my boss plenty of times and now I have them at my apartment all over! I can’t afford to hire a exterminator to treat my house what can I do?

  22. I work at a hotel and i brought bed bugs home. Ive informed my boss and my gm and havent gotten any help. I have text messages from my boss admitting i got them from work. Ive had to call the exterminator myself to the motel to kill bugs ive found 4 times

  23. I was recently in the Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach. I noticed in the hospital that I had bumps all over my chest and back. I was bitten by bed bugs. Approximately 35 bytes

  24. I was on a greyhound from calif to arizonia and the next morning I had bed bugs bites and have had everyday my phone is(949) 813-4979

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