How do I prove that bed bugs were present?

If you want to prove that bed bugs were present, you need to have documentation showing that the bed bugs were present. For example, you should take pictures of the bed bugs in your hotel room, if you can see them. You should also take photographs of any blood stains or spots that look like black ink dots on the linens or the mattress. If you do not see any bed bug evidence from a cursory inspection, you should remove the bedding and look around the entire mattress and box spring. Sometimes it is difficult to find the bed bugs, but fecal spots or blood stains can be easier to find. Make sure that your photographs are clear, and if you know how to turn on the location tracking for taking photograph you should. That way, you can prove when and where the bed bugs were present.

After taking photographs of any bed bug evidence you see, you should also take video of the entire room, including the room number, and of the infestation. If someone from the hotel comes to inspect the room, take photographs and/or video during the inspection. Make sure the hotel staff are clearly visible.

If you seek medical care for any bed bug bites, it is extremely important that you tell the doctor how you are seeking treatment because you found bed bugs in a hotel room and suffered bed bug bites from the encounter. It is also important that you save copies of your medical records from any appointments you attend.. Because these are your medical records, your doctor should be able to release them to you. Make sure your medical records clearly state that your injuries were from bed bugs.

Many states and/or cities have a department established that inspects hotels for bed bug infestations. There are many properties that have a long history of bed bug complaints and inspections. Depending on where you stayed and the circumstances surrounding the incident, you may want to contact the local department of health to report the incident to them. Should they send someone out to inspect they would document what was discovered and could possibly cite the hotel for a code violation or other penalties.  

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