Do I have to go to court for a bed bugs case?

Not necessarily. Many bed bug cases resolve without the need to file a lawsuit. Most properties in the United States carry a policy of insurance that could apply if you are injured while staying there. Through the course of negotiations, you may be able to resolve your claim amicably.  

Alternatively, if you decide to file a lawsuit against the hotel or resort where you suffered injuries from bed bugs, you are going to need to detail your allegations and must provide evidence to support your case against the hotel or resort. In response, the hotel will have a chance to respond to your allegations and may present defenses. The hotel may allege that you did not suffer bed bugs at their property. On the other hand, the hotel may try to prove that while the bed bugs were discovered there that they did not know about the bed bugs or are not responsible for them.

If the hotel or resort is agreeable to reaching a settlement resolution, there is a low likelihood of you having to go to court. On the other hand, if the hotel or resort decides not to settle the case out of court or is otherwise uncooperative, your only option may be filing a lawsuit.

Not every bed bug injury victim automatically has their claim accepted by a law firm for representation. Each claim is unique, and it comes down to the individual facts, damages and parties involved. An experienced bed bug attorney will be able to review your situation and go over potential options with you.

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