Can You Bring Bed Bugs from a Hotel Home with You?

Bed bugs are some of the biggest concerns when checking into a hotel, as they love residing in areas with lots of people. After all, they feed on human blood, much like mosquitoes.

Their bites can cause great discomfort, simply because they’re itchy, but they can also be painful, not to mention cause an allergic reaction. What’s disturbing is that you can barely see them, and you often can’t feel when they bite.

What’s even more alarming is that they can survive in any environment, since all they need is human blood. So, even if you check into the cleanest hotel possible, don’t assume you’re safe from these pesky little creatures.

But can you actually bring bed bugs home from a hotel? Unfortunately, yes, you can. They can cling to your clothes, latch onto your luggage, and invade your home before you even start unpacking. But don’t worry, because you can prevent it, so read on to learn how:

How to Prevent a Bed Bug Infestation After Traveling

There are several steps you can take to prevent bed bugs from hitching a ride to your home after traveling. Here’s what you need to do.

Thoroughly Inspect Your Hotel Room

It’s absolutely crucial that you check your hotel room for bed bugs before unpacking. This is a smart move simply because you may find traces of the little pests so that you can immediately address the issue.

The traces you’re looking for are small dark stains (red or black), so be sure to inspect every corner of the room. Check the bed sheets, the mattress, headboards and any potential cracks in them, baseboards, piping, pictures on the wall, nightstands, armchairs, and any other furniture. Look closely in every crevice, because bed bugs love hiding there.

Most importantly, place your luggage on a slick surface that bed bugs wouldn’t be able to cling to.

Wash All Your Clothes and Bags After Your Trip

Even if you haven’t noticed any signs of a bed bug infestation in your hotel room, you can’t be too sure that there really weren’t any bed bugs in the hotel. If there were, then the little pests could have easily hitched a ride to your home. This is why you should never bring your luggage inside before washing it all, including your suitcase or/and bags.

Put all your clothes (including things you didn’t wear during your trip) in a plastic bag, before putting them straight into your washing machine. Wash them at a high temperature, and make sure you dry them using high heat because heat is what can effectively kill bed bugs.

Repeat the process for any bags you may have brought home from your trip. As for your suitcase, you can use a strong vacuum to remove any potential bed bugs and be sure to clean it afterward with alcohol, making sure you reach into every little crevice.

When it comes to your shoes, and anything else that you can’t wash, you should put them in a bag that you will leave outside for a couple of days. It would be best if you could find a place where it’s really hot, such as out in the sun.

Sleep Tight, and Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

As you can see, it’s very easy to prevent bringing bed bugs home with you after staying at a hotel. It may be a bit overwhelming, but it’s more than worth it. If you don’t follow these tips, you may have to deal with a lot more trouble, because bed bugs spread incredibly quickly, and it’s difficult to get rid of them once they fully occupy your home.

If you have experienced a bed bug infestation after returning home from a hotel, you should definitely consult with a professional to see if you could potentially bring a case against the hotel. You shouldn’t suffer the consequences of someone else’s negligence.

Find an experienced and reliable bed bug lawyer, such as Bed Bug Injury Law, and get in touch with them for a consultation. Discuss your situation, and we’ll carefully assess it to see whether or not you have a case!

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