Can I Sue A Hotel For Bed Bugs?

Hotels have a responsibility to protect guests from dangerous conditions, such as bed bug infestations. However, hotel guests sometimes discover too late that the hotel has a bed bug infestation. If you sustained bed bug bites or took bed bugs home from your hotel, contact the bed bug attorneys for a free legal consultation to discuss your bed bug case and legal representation regarding potentially suing the hotel for your damages.

There are certain aspects to consider before you can sue a hotel for bed bugs, including liability and the kind of damages for which you may be eligible to receive compensation. With a better understanding of whether or not you have a case, you can work with an experienced and knowledgeable bed bug attorney to help you seek compensation and guide you through your case.

Here are some things to take into consideration if you want to file a lawsuit against a hotel for a bed bug infestation.

Responsibility Of Hotel Owners

Hotel owners have a responsibility to make sure that bed bugs do not occupy hotel rooms along with guests. If you stay at a hotel in a different city or even a different state, you may assume that you cannot sue the hotel because of not living in the area where the hotel is located. However, hotel owners typically have a responsibility to protect against bed bug infestations no matter the location of the hotel or where you actually reside.

USA Today explains, “Hotels have a responsibility to keep you safe under common law,” and that bed bugs are indeed a risk to the personal safety of guests. USA Today contributor Christopher Michael also points out, “It is reasonable to expect hotel staff to clean, fumigate, disinfect and exterminate any known infestation of bedbugs.”

When hotel owners fail to protect against bed bug infestations, the result is that hotel owners can indeed potentially be sued. This is true whether you sustain bed bug bites or you carry bed bugs home, causing an infestation in your home.

Risks Associated With Hotel Bed Bug Infestations

A University of Minnesota report notes that whenever you are away from your home you are at an increased risk of coming into contact with bed bugs. This is true even if you spend just one night in a hotel.

Some hotel guests check the mattress and box springs for bed bugs. Perhaps you wonder why you woke up with bed bug bites or now have a bed bug infestation in your home because bed bugs hitched a ride home with you even though you checked the bedding.

Bed bugs can go a considerable period without a blood meal, perhaps patiently awaiting your arrival at a hotel. They hide very well, in both wooden and upholstered furniture, in the space between the hotel bed and wall and even inside electrical outlet and switch plate covers. Once you go to sleep, bed bugs feast on your blood. They have the ability to crawl into your luggage, resulting in a bed bug infestation in your home.

Types Of Damages You May Be Able to Recover Due To A Hotel Bed Bug Infestation

You should not have to suffer losses incurred because of the negligence on the part of a hotel owner to prevent bed bugs. This is a relatively growing problem that will be extremely common in the future, similar to self-driving car accidents or issues with alternative food sources.

Recoverable monetary damages may include losses such as costs associated with medical expenses, lost wages, professional extermination, replacing furniture, luggage, carpet, and personal belongings, in addition to other potential damages.

Non-monetary damages in your hotel bed bug case may include pain and suffering, embarrassment, psychological stress from itching and other effects from bed bug bites, fear of going to sleep or fear of staying at another hotel.

Consulting with an Attorney to Sue a Hotel for Bed Bugs

If you believe you have suffered from bed bug bites as a result of negligent hotel management, you may be able to seek compensation to recover these monetary and non-monetary damages. The best way to determine if you have a case and can sue a hotel for bed bugs is to consult with a bed bug attorney. With a qualified attorney behind you, you can get the representation you deserve and benefit from an experienced professional who can guide you through the process.

Contact the experienced bed bug attorneys to determine if we may be able help you with your bed bug case caused by the negligence of a hotel owner.

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  1. I been in the hospital for bed bug I need a lawyer for. At the hotel call town homes suit

  2. I went to California with my family last Wed. We stayed at the Crown Plaza in San Pedro. After the second day, I started noticing itchy mosquito like bumps on my arms and side. I thought nothing much of it. Then 3 of my kids started getting the same looking bumps. The next day was worse. I thought maybe the hot tub was the problem. So we all stayed out of the hot tub. I looked for bed bugs and didn’t see any. Our bites look just like bed bug bites, and are itching us like crazy!

  3. We stayed at the new Orleans hotel and casino on friday, Saturday and Sunday. April 27,28 and 29. On april 27 my husband and I went to bed. He slept all night but after laying in bed about an hour I started itching and it kept me up all night. On april 28 when it was first ally light i got out of bed and saw there were bed bugs all over the bed. Both my husband and myself had bites. They moved us to another room but i did not sleep much i kept getting g up to check the bed. I itched all night. The hotel was not very helpful the manager tried telling us they were fleas and sent us away. I lost sleep and was so afraid to sit anywhere. They did hear great out luggage. Hope that keeps them away

  4. So I was giving 1 days notice.. To check out! 8 months of work no day off my room has had and does have bedbugs bad I even showed my boss big bug! No tips… No pay just work 8 or more hrs clean 10 to 19 rooms I stayed in room for just trade… But my first 2 months I paid full price 70$ a day for scars bites… My brother passed away while I was here I heard news he came over everyday, they used me and kicked me out because my daughter came be… Not over nights I abided by all rules, I love my job helped me through my mom, brother, Gma, passing my brother and moms ashes are here bad anxiety of bugs, never knew what bed bugs where.. I looked awful my body scared face legs it’s sad… Not homeless w nothing… Help plz…. Stormy

  5. I would luke to talj to someone about hotel i just woke up 2nd night and im iching and have bits …qhat do i need to do

  6. My friend is currently homeless until we get a place here soon, he has been staying in the regal inn in Kirkersville ohio, I just spent the night with him here and woke to find bed bugs on me. All of his belongings are with him. We have not confronted the front desk yet. What steps should we take and do we have any legal ground to at least get a refund on the stay

  7. my name is leah and i am staying at the tower motel and there are two different rooms here that have bed bugs and i am afraid that me and my family who have been here the last 7 months are going to get them if they are not taking care of them right away. it doesnt seem like the are doing their job as a motel to get rid of them. what am i supposed to do??? help !

  8. I moved in to this place I was homeless had money was working trying to buy a home i had never seen bed bugs ever in my life now I have lost a job and am homeless and infested with bugs in my car and camper it’s so very iratating and embarrassing not to mention hard to get work now

  9. Found bedbugs on my hotel room at Aquarius hotel and casino Laughlin. I was was told the security could only file a report if we were bitten! Didn’t stay the night of course and left to search for another hotel in the middle of the night.

  10. Me and my wife stayed at the Hilton in Marietta Georgia for our anniversary And had to complain about being bit by bugs I took pictures and have proof of bed bug bite on my wife and their was someone else hair in shower,

  11. I stayed at a Drury in on July 24 checked out the next day I was itching but thought maybe it was mosquito bites but my grandkids are full of bites thought it would be gone by now but the itch is unbearable what can I do

  12. i have been living at the hillside motel in walkerton for about 9 months in the past month i have showed the owner the bed bugs and they have been in this motel ever since i moved here they just were not in my room untill the past month or two the owner has been telling me that he was gonna take care of it and he has not

  13. I found a bedbug in the hotel on my grandson’s pillow. We put it in a bag. This place must be full of them.
    What must I do?

  14. Is the hotel responsible
    for bed bugs if this was the first time bed bugs were reported in the hotel room & the hotel
    immediately corrected the bed bug problem

  15. My family spent last night 8/25/2018 in a hotel in Canada and we were bitten all over our body. We took pictures of the bed bug bites. Would you be able to help us to sue the hotel? Thanks a lot!

  16. Good morning my name is Tyrone I stayed in a hotel the couple of weeks ago where I sustain bed bug bites and brought them home it was in my car I have video of the bed bugs in my bed and video of the bikes that I sustained the hotel only wanted to compensate me for 50 dollars for my pain and suffering I need to know if I have a case

  17. I work at a hotel and brought bed bugs home the hotel isn’t really taking the infestation serious at all

  18. I rented a room for a week at the cost of 228.00. The first night i was bit and reprted it but they said nothing coukd be done til monday .there were no rooms to move us n didnt want to refund our money. Well i called monday about the extermination and was told not til tues it would be exterminated and id get new bed dressers and sofa well i took there word and i was grtting bit still and reportes it and they said i xouldnt recieve a refund after five days but they put off the dates by not exterminating as soon as report was made.

  19. Stayed at hotel one night woke 5 times that night..very uncomfortable when I awoke in a.m noticed red welts on my skin…informed staff of this called me stupid people…when I went back home went to clinic doc said they do look like bed bug bites and I had developed cellulitis I do have pictures of a few.
    So knowing this contacted health unit they contacted hotel , was informed hotel for room cleaned out out proper prevention on mattress and fumagated room. There’s nothing they can find then where did these bites come from when I was nowhere else but there?

  20. Hello my name is Lynette Hayes, and I would like to have your staff to contact me at 337-6020059 in regards to my stay here at regency inn and suits on cypress station road houston tx. About bed bugs I actually was bitten by while sleeping and refused a refund by management.

  21. Deborah Copeland. I am staying in a room with bed bugs at the custom stay motel in thief river falls mn . I am being bit up and management don’t want give us a new room . they want us out totally as we had some thing to say.

  22. I know of two motel/hotel establishments that give mattresses away to non profit organizations for needy families.
    The Great Wolf Lodge at Grand Mound WA. allow their employees to take items home that have been removed from rooms that have been heat treated. The mattresses find their way into apartments and infest them.

  23. What about a beach house rented for a weekend?
    It was infested, we were bitten. They gave admitted infestation. Now can’t sleep worrying about if any came home with us or our guests. I’m constantly looking and having panic attacks.

  24. Yes I stayed at the Stratosphere Hotel in Vegas from November 29th through December 6th. On December 6, I experienced itching and redness in the buttocks area and on right leg. Went to urgent care on Monday because the itching was getting worse. I was diagnosed with having been bitten by bed bugs.

  25. I stayed at the Ponce De Leon Hotel in downtown St Petersburg Florida for 6 days I intend to stay a longer if the hotel owner can make me an offer to compensate me for my damages.

    Two nights ago I woke up and there was blood on the sheets I couldn’t understand why until I realized that I was itching from being bit by a bug if either stayed one or two days I would never known that I have been bitten buy a bug at this hotel but after several days it became obvious that I was itching more and more with each passing day

    So I would like some suggestions on how to proceed. Especially do the whole time Hotel owner is uncooperative. Then I want to open up a can of whoop-ass on him

  26. My recent stay at red roof Inn was biten several times now it is spreading all over my ears back and neck feel like I have infection in my entire body

  27. The whole story,
    I’m a travel nurse in florida.
    I was staying at a friend’s mom’s house un til he got jealous and ran me out. So I got a hotel room.
    Well a week or so later,
    I got lbites all over my body. I didnt think Bed bugs at first. I actuall yhought it was a eash or alletgic reaction to the detergents the hospital usrs to wadh the scrubs we wear at work.
    Well it got worse so I went to a doctor. We talked about scabies and bed bugs. She treated me for scabies. The patterns of bites didn’t appear like either. But she seemed to think it was bed bugs.
    That same day I approached the management at quality in in st.petersburg 34th st.
    I showe

    rom my hotel. Quality inn. The house keeper didn’t seem impressed.
    They already moved me to another room once. 3 weeks ago I found a live one this morning. When I came home i found a bunch of dead ones on the matress.

    I’ve spent $445.00 at the doctor for pills ,cream and a rectal probe. I thought the probe was a bit extreme, but the doc assured me it’s normal practice

    I have one more week here then I’m out. I don’t want to find another place. But I feel they should comp me some thing. I’ve paid in full.
    $ 2840.00. ~70/night

    What do u suggest?

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