Can I get a refund on my hotel if I have bed bugs?

In some cases, yes, guests can get a refund on the cost of their hotel room if the hotel room has bed bugs in it. Even if they cannot get a full refund, through the help of a bed bug attorney they may be able to get reimbursement for the inconvenience of checking into a bed bug infested room.

Understand that just because the hotel has bed bugs it does not necessarily mean the hotel will provide someone with a refund. In some situations, the hotel may refuse to do so. This does not necessarily mean the hotel is making the right decision. You should take down the name of any hotel staff you speak with about the bed bug infestation, and what they tell you. If other hotel staff are present throughout any of the process, you should get their name and write down a description of what they look like

If you have a question regarding whether you can get a refund from a hotel due to bed bugs, you should take a look at their policy. In a lot of cases, their policy has been printed on the information they provided you when you checked in. Or, you may be able to get a copy of the hotel’s policy online. If you are wondering whether the hotel has provided a refund to other people for similar issues, you may want to see what other people have posted online in their reviews.

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