Can 5 star hotels & resorts have bed bugs?

Sadly, yes. Any hotel, resort, apartment, condo, or house may have bed bugs. Bed bugs love darkness, heat, and moisture. Therefore, it is possible for many properties to have bed bugs. That is why it is important for all hotels and resorts to make sure they clean and inspect each room thoroughly between each guest’s stay. Failure on the part of a hotel or resort to property inspect and clean each room could lead to a full blown bed bug infestation.

Is it true that five-star hotels and resorts can have bed bugs? Yes. Do 5-star hotels and resorts have bed bugs less frequently than hotels or resorts that have fewer stars? It all comes down to the cleaning and inspection policies and procedures of each property. If you stay at a hotel or resort and wake up in the morning covered with small red dots, there is a chance that there could be bed bugs at that location. Therefore, it is important to promptly inspect the bed and surrounding areas to see if you uncover any bed bugs or signs of a bed bug infestation. Anything you uncover you should promptly video and photograph.

Furthermore, if you end up suffering bed bug injuries or find bed bugs in your hotel room you should report the situation to the front desk. Save records of any communications you have with the hotel or resort staff and keep track of their names. This information is going to be important for proving that the hotel or resort had a bed bug infestation and was aware of your bed bug complaint.

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