Bed Bugs Bites vs. Spider Bites: How to Tell the Difference

Getting bitten by any insect is a potential cause for concern, especially so when the victim can’t tell the culprit. If the bite marks are red and itchy, the usual suspects are bed bugs and spiders. In most cases, neither of them is dangerous but some individuals suffer great harm. As such, it is important you learn to notice the difference.

In short, spider bites will frequently leave puncture marks, while bed bug bites are too small to see. Bed bug bites will also occur in groups and be an on-going issue, and since spiders only bite in self-defense, they are more commonly isolated.

Here’s a complete overview of 4 ways to tell the difference between spider bites vs. bed bug bites.

1. Spider Bites Typically Leave Puncture Marks

Puncture marks are usually the most reliable differentiator between spider bites and bed bug bites. Spider bites will show visible puncture marks due to their fangs, while bed bugs are much too small to show any sort of mark according to insect experts from the National Health Service. If you have been bitten by a spider, there should be tiny puncture marks visible at the center.

2. Bed Bugs Bites Occur in Groups

Both bed bug and spider bites are usually red skin marks that can both get swollen and itchy. Another visible difference between them is that bed bug bites are almost never singular. They appear in a group or line instead, resembling hives. Typically, the victim can find them on the hands, arms, neck, and face. Since spiders usually only bite in self-defense, they are more common to be isolated incidents.  

3. Bed Bug Bites Are an Ongoing Issue

Bed bugs don’t live alone. They’re pest insects, which means that they cause serious infestations that can spread throughout your household. As a result, their bites present an ongoing problem that doesn’t stop after a few days. Spider bites are different, as they appear once and heal within a week.

4. Most Victims Wake Up with Bed Bug Bites

If you’re repeatedly waking up in the morning with red itchy bites on your skin, it’s quite certain that bed bugs are the ones causing them. They feed on their victims’ blood during the night, while they’re sleeping. Unfortunately, this is a sign that your home has been infested and a serious cause for alarm.

What to Do After You Notice an Insect Bite?

In case you’re still not certain whether you’ve been bitten by bed bugs, a spider, or some other insect, don’t wait too long before you pay a visit to the doctor. On the off chance that you have been bitten by a venomous spider, you should start receiving treatment as soon as possible.

How to Stop Bed Bugs from Feeding on You?

As we’ve mentioned before, you shouldn’t expect bed bug bites to stop on their own. If you’re certain that these house pests are behind the red itchy marks on your skin, then you should call an exterminator immediately. Also, you should contact Bed Bug Injury Law to help you determine if you can take legal action.

If you’ve been bitten by bed bugs during your stay in a hospitality establishment or another vicinity, Bed Bug Injury Law can help decide if you have a case!

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