What To Do if You Stay in an Airbnb With Bed Bugs?

Whenever you stay in a location that isn’t yours, you could be at greater risk of exposure to indoor pests. Though Airbnbs are typically kept to a standard of cleanliness, they are not immune to pests like bed bugs. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of staying at an Airbnb with bed bugs, […]

Does Airbnb Have a Bed Bug Policy?

Airbnb Bed Bug Policy Finding bed bugs while traveling is frustrating and inconvenient. Discovering these pests in an Airbnb can make things more complicated if you don’t know how it pertains to Airbnb’s policies. There’s definitely a right way to go about things in this scenario to best resolve the problem. The sections below outline […]

Should you report bed bugs to the department of health?

If you have suffered bed bug injuries at a hotel or other lodging establishment, there may be an agency that wants to know about it. Many parts of the country have a department set up that is tasked with regulating and issuing citations to hotels and other lodging establishments for bed bug problems. If you […]

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