How To Report a Hotel with Bed Bugs

If you ever have the misfortune of finding bed bugs in your hotel room, your priority should be to take the necessary steps to report the infestation to hotel management.  

This involves gathering evidence of bed bugs and communicating it appropriately. In addition, you may be interested in pursuing financial compensation for the damages that you endured. 

Below is a brief checklist you can follow to cover your bases in an unsavory bed bug situation. 

Step 1 –  Gather Evidence

First you should collect evidence of the actual bed bugs themselves. You may have already found these insects in your room at this point, so it’s critical that you document their existence. 

The best way to do this is by taking photos and videos. Capture a clear picture of any insects that you witness, bed bug droppings, or other signs of bed bugs. If you can turn on the location settings for your camera that will also be helpful in proving that a bed bug infestation was found.

Step 2 –  Confirm Your Stay

Make sure that you can prove you were staying at the hotel at the time the infestation was discovered. While this fact may seem obvious to you, it’s a key piece of the puzzle that could be called into question. 

You may have emails in your inbox with your booking confirmation, or a paper receipt at the time of check-in. It also is a good idea to take a photograph of the room number, and of the front desk area.

Ensure these items are easily accessible to directly connect the specific hotel and room number to your evidence of an infestation. 

Step 3 – Track Expenses

Next, start tracking any expenses you incur as a result of the infestation. 

In addition to hotel costs… 

You should ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Did you pay the hospital or medical expenses as a result of the infestation?
  • Did you need to discard any personal property that was infested (clothes, luggage, etc.)? 
  • Did you miss any appointments or become late for an important event?
  • Did you have to take time off work and lose wages as you were recovering from your bed bug injuries?

Record these damages and any costs associated with them in the form of documentation and receipts.

Step 4 – Gather Medical Bills

A bed bug infestation is a health risk. If you’re experiencing skin irritation or other physical symptoms, it might be worth visiting a health professional to treat your injuries. 

The records released by the clinic at the end of your visit act as further evidence that could help your claim toward financial compensation. 

They confirm the photos you took of these pests, and help legitimize the disruption to your life. 

Just like the previous step, you will want to save any evidence of payments you made in the pursuit of medical care, including for a clinic visit, medication, or prescriptions. 

Step 5 – Report the Infestation

Next, you should notify hotel management about the bed bugs upon discovery. You may want to stay in contact with them as you have all of your evidence gathered, especially if you are seeking reimbursement. 

Keep in mind that if you’re seeking legal assistance in the pursuit of financial compensation for your bed bug incident, you should not accept any type of reimbursement or compensation from the hotel in the interim. 

Step 6 – Get in Touch With Us

Lastly, you should get in touch with our bed bug lawyers, who can evaluate your evidence and the claims of the hotel company to determine whether you can bring a legitimate case against them.

Give us a call at 954-526-9888 or submit your information through our contact form and we will be in touch shortly to discuss your case. 

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