How to Collect an Airbnb Bed Bug or Insect Refund

Bed bugs and insects in general, are an Airbnb host’s worst nightmare. However, guests end up suffering the most consequences. These little pests can find their way into the tiniest nooks and crannies if left unmonitored, and can be incredibly difficult to spot. In fact, if you do not know what to look for you may not even notice they’re in your room until you wake up with dozens of bite marks that are very itchy, painful, and may even cause an allergic reaction.

This is why you need to thoroughly inspect your booked Airbnb as soon as you arrive. Check everywhere for little dark spots and other signs that may indicate that there’s a bed bug infestation that requires immediate attention.

Whether you instantly notice the signs, or you find out after a night’s sleep that your Airbnb is infested with bed bugs or other insects, you should know that you may be able to request an insect refund. Here are all the steps you can try to take.

Contact Your Airbnb Host

The first step you can take is to contact your host via the Airbnb app or website. Even if you have their phone number, it’s better to communicate via official Airbnb platforms, so that the hospitality service has a clear insight into the problem and the way the host is trying (if at all) to resolve it.

However, even if the host wasn’t previously aware of the bed bug infestation at their property and they genuinely want to help, there may not be much that they can do to immediately solve the issue. Getting rid of bed bugs requires a lot of time, so the best thing you could do is book another accommodation and remove yourself from the dangerous situation.

Before you book an alternative accommodation, ask your host for a refund. You may be eligible for an insect refund, so don’t hesitate to ask for it. Keep in mind that if you do receive a refund, it may not be a full refund if you have already spent a few days at the place. In other words, you would only get a refund for the number of remaining nights on your reservation. Look into what they provide you and keep track of it.

Get in Touch with Airbnb Customer Service

Even if your host agrees to refund your booking, you may still want to contact the Airbnb customer service team. That way, you can make sure the host truly takes the proper steps to get rid of the bed bugs, and hopefully prevents another situation like this from happening. Otherwise, someone else may book the place and experience the same issue with a bed bug infestation.

Regardless of if you notice the bed bugs during your check-in or later during your stay at the Airbnb, get in touch with customer service right away.

To submit a claim for your refund, Airbnb will ask for photographs of either bed bugs or stains that indicate a bed bug infestation. They will also ask for any other proof, such as bed bug bite marks, so be sure to document those as well. Take photographs of any evidence you find.

In addition to giving you a refund, Airbnb may also find you another accommodation. However, there have been many cases where they not only refused to provide a refund but also prevented guests from rebooking until they provided proof that they got rid of the bed bugs.

Find a Professional Lawyer

If your rightful refund is refused, don’t give up. You shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of your host’s negligence. Our office is able to help certain types of bed bug victims who encounter an infestation at an Airbnb property.

If you are interested in pursuing a bed bug claim, make sure that you document not just the bed bug evidence you find at the Airbnb property, but also all of your damages. Take photographs of your injuries, and of any property you discard.

Bed Bug Injury Law may be able to help in cases where a refund is refused or other damages are incurred, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if you have a case we can assist with. Contact us today for a free consultation and tell us about your experience.

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