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Have you or a loved one endured any bed bug bites or other related damages from a bed bug infestation, whether while at home or during your travels? You may be able to seek compensation for these damages with the help of a bed bug lawyer if you believe another person or company’s negligence was the cause. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable bed bug attorneys can handle certain types of cases that took place in Lowell, along with other cities in Massachusetts and the rest of the U.S., depending on the circumstances.

What Caused an Infestation of Bed Bugs in Lowell, Massachusetts?

If a bed bug infestation had the chance to develop in your hotel room, apartment, or home, and you or a loved one sustained bites or other related damages, it may be possible to recover compensation.

Bed bugs are capable of thriving in nearly any location, so long as food supplies are available in the form of blood meals from people. Regardless of how clean or dirty a space is, the fact is that bed bugs can make their home anywhere if they can feed.

How Bed Bug Infestations Develop in Lowell

Oftentimes, bed bugs spread because of another party’s negligence, as this allows them to easily travel throughout any space without intervention. They can spread in apartments, hotel rooms, businesses, or homes, which is why it’s necessary to ensure that these properties are well-maintained on a regular basis to prevent bed bugs from spreading. If any parties fail to identify and properly eliminate bed bugs, the liable parties may need to cover any related damages, including bites resulting in medical expenses and property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Hotels often experience issues with bed bugs when hotels fail to integrate proper bed bug training programs and protocols, leading to infestations. Hotel beds are a popular location for bed bugs, as many people frequently sleep in the same bed on a regular basis to provide a consistent food source. This is why it’s necessary for hotels to conduct regular inspections of hotel beds and other areas of the hotel, followed by applying the right treatment to exterminate any bed bugs discovered.

If a property owner fails to take the necessary steps to protect you and you suffer injuries as a result of those failures, you may be able to seek compensation for your damages.

Spotting Bed Bugs in Lowell

Do you believe that another person or entity’s negligence resulted in a bed bug infestation in Lowell? You will need to collect sufficient evidence if you wish to file a claim and seek compensation.

Evidence of an infestation may appear in several forms. Bed bug bites may appear in small clusters or lines in the bite area, and they’re often red and itchy. Some people may also suffer an allergic reaction to bed bugs, causing swelling and oozing. You may also spot dark or pale brown adults, which look somewhat similar to apple seeds in their size and shape. White pill-shaped eggs or sheddings may also be present in the infested area. In some cases, you may also be able to spot brown or red spots on bedding, along with black fecal spots. It’s important to check every area where bed bugs may hide, including dark and dry areas between furniture. They may even hide behind picture frames.

Once you’ve identified any evidence of an infestation, photograph and videotape it. You may then be able to use this evidence to build a case.

Types of Damages That Victims May Recover with Lowell Bed Bug Attorneys

If you or a loved one sustained bed bug bites or other damages due to a bed bug infestation and believe negligence was the cause, you may be able to recover compensation. Our bed bug attorneys can handle certain types of cases that occurred in and around Lowell, predominately representing clients during the pre-litigation process.

There are multiple types of economic and non-economic damages that bed bug bite victims may be able to recover for infestations resulting from negligence. Some of these damages could include lost wages, medical expenses, and the cost of replacing various belongings damaged due to the infestation.

Additionally, victims may be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering such as psychological distress and social isolation resulting from trauma surrounding the incident.

If you would like help determining whether you have a bed bug case that our team can assist with, you can schedule a free consultation with one of our bed bug lawyers today.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. This firm handles claims nationwide on a pre-litigation basis. Some attorneys are not licensed to practice in certain jurisdictions. Although most bed bug cases resolve without a lawsuit, should one need to be filed in a jurisdiction the firm is not authorized to practice, our lawyers work with local counsel upon the execution of a new agreement.

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