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If a bed bug infestation develops in Albany, New York, and you believe that another party’s negligence was responsible for it and resulting damages, you may be able to seek help from a reliable bed bug lawyer. In many cases, bed bug infestations develop due to negligence on the part of hotel employees, management, landlords, or other professionals. If you believe negligence caused an infestation that affected you or a loved one, our attorneys can handle certain types of cases that took place in and around Albany, along with many other cities all over the U.S., depending on the circumstances.

How Do Bed Bug Infestations Develop in Albany, New York?

If bed bugs are given the chance to infest homes, apartments, hotel rooms, or other facilities in Albany, and you or a loved one sustain bites and other related damages, you may be able to seek help from an attorney and build a case.

Bed bugs have the ability to thrive in any location if they have access to plenty of food in the form of blood meals from people nearby. If bed bugs have the chance to feed, they will be able to quickly spread, regardless of the area’s cleanliness. They also have the ability to live for long periods without food as they fast in its absence, which makes them difficult to eliminate once they spread. In addition, bed bugs can easily and swiftly move from one location to the next when hunting for food, making it necessary for professionals to do what they can to prevent bed bug infestations.

Some of the most frequently infested locations are hotels. Hotel staff may not receive the proper training needed to accurately identify and mitigate bed bug infestations, which often occur in hotels because of the number of guests checking in and out of these facilities. Hotel management or owners may also fail to dispose of contaminated bedding or install encasements to protect guests in order to save money. Any of these factors can contribute to a bed bug infestation through negligence.

Identifying Bed Bug Infestations in Albany

If you believe that a bed bug infestation developed in Albany and caused certain avoidable damages such as bites or property damage, you may be able to gather enough evidence to build a viable claim.

When searching for signs of bed bug infestations, the first item to look for is one or more bites. Bed bug bites look like other types of insect bites, but they normally form a line or cluster around the bite area. They’re often itchy and red, and they may ooze and swell if victims are allergic. If left untreated, exposed bites could develop into secondary infections. Other forms of evidence nearby may include adult pale or dark brown bed bugs, sheddings, white pill-shaped eggs, black spots in clusters indicating a nest, or red or brown fecal matter.

Bed bugs tend to seek out dark and dry places to hide, which can include spaces underneath bedding and other furniture in the area. Check all of these spaces for bed bugs to ensure they’re not present. If you see any evidence, capture video footage and take photos that may serve as evidence in a case.

Recovering Compensation for Bed Bug Cases in Albany

If a bed bug infestation causes bites and other related damages, victims may have the chance to seek compensation if they can show that negligence was the cause. These cases tend to involve both economic and non-economic damages that victims may recover.

Some recoverable economic damages in these cases could include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Professional extermination expenses
  • The cost of replacing bedding and other damaged belongings

Meanwhile, non-economic damages may include the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Social isolation
  • Embarrassment
  • Psychological distress
  • Insomnia

To learn whether you have a case our office can assist with and to discover the options available to you, schedule a free consultation with our attorneys today.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. This firm handles claims nationwide on a pre-litigation basis. Some attorneys are not licensed to practice in certain jurisdictions. Although most bed bug cases resolve without a lawsuit, should one need to be filed in a jurisdiction the firm is not authorized to practice, our lawyers work with local counsel upon the execution of a new agreement.

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