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Did you move into a new Michigan residence only to discover bed bugs took up residency before you arrived? Did you carry them home from work or in purchases from a Michigan retail store? Does your landlord refuse to compensate you for your losses or to get rid of the bed bugs?

Contact Michigan bed bug attorneys for a free consultation. You have may have rights as the victim of bed bug bites or a bed bug infestation.

Are Bed Bugs Prevalent in Michigan?

Some Michigan cities, including the Detroit area, rank near the top of reported bed bug cases. Bed bugs travel everywhere that people do, which means that you can suffer the consequences of bed bug bites from many sources.

While several sources report on the issue of bed bug infestations in apartments, the fact is that bed bugs also reside in single-family homes. Clear Corp Detroit points out that it is a misconception that bed bugs, “Are found only in low-income homes.” Therefore, it does not matter if you live in a lower income area or an upper-income area of Michigan. Where you live does not guarantee protection from a bed bug infestation in Michigan.

Consequences and Health Effects Related to Bed Bugs

There are numerous consequences and health effects if you suffer from bed bug bites or from a bed bug infestation. The Michigan Manual for the Prevention and Control of Bed Bugs explains that bed bugs “Are comfortable within all but the extremes of Michigan’s climate,” that they have the ability to survive even cold Michigan temperatures that often drop to well below freezing during colder months. Therefore, bed bugs potentially affect you and your loved ones year-round.

This means that you and your family may suffer the physical and psychological effects from bed bugs until some action occurs that completely eradicates them, even if this includes exercising your legal rights to get rid of them.

The Michigan Manual also describes some of the ill effects of bed bugs, including:

  • Anemia, particularly in young children and the elderly
  • Exacerbation of asthma symptoms
  • Allergic reaction to bed bug bites
  • Profound psychological effect resulting in isolation, anxiety and stress, as well as insomnia


About Your Rights and Potential Compensation for a Michigan Bed Bug Case

Michigan considers bed bugs both “Vermin” and a “Public Nuisance.” This means that bed bugs fall under the housing codes and laws governing a landlord’s responsibility to keep property free of vermin. The Michigan State University Extension says, “Michigan law requires that landlords make a good-faith effort to provide housing that is free from bed bugs.” If your property owner or landlord refuses to rid the property of bed bugs or notify you when another tenant in your complex has bed bugs, you need to consider your legal rights and potential ability to recover damages.

Suing a Hotel for Bed Bugs in Michigan

The possibility of recovering damages also exists if you sustained bed bug bites when staying in a hotel. If you or a family member carried bed bugs home from work or after making a retail purchase, you may be able to recover damages, such as for medical care, lost wages and actual damages related to having to dispose of or replace your personal property.

You do not have to suffer the effects of bed bugs in your home, rental property, hotel or workplace. Even if bed bugs entered your home after you purchased used goods, the Michigan Consumer Protection Act (MCPA) potentially provides redress for the bed bugs brought home with your used goods purchase.

Do not delay obtaining help for your bed bug case, because as Clear Corp Detroit points out, bed bugs continue to spread until completely destroyed. Do not suffer because of the negligence of a property owner, landlord, nursing home or rehab facility, retail store, hotel or other type of business.

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