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Bed bug infestations in Salt Lake City sometimes leave victims with substantial losses, with potential to recover damages in a bed bug lawsuit case. Bed Bug Injury Law’s Salt Lake City bed bug lawyers have the professional experience to help individuals who sustain damages from a bed bug infestation caused by negligent landlords, hotel owners, furniture rental stores, or other locations.

Get answers to your questions about bed bug infestations and damages information when you hire a Salt Lake City bed bug attorney for your bed bug case and legal representation.

How Did I Get a Salt Lake City Utah Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bugs do not care whether they reside in a home, apartment, hotel or furniture store in a lower income or more affluent area. The Utah State University Extension Entomology Department of Biology indicates that bed bugs are capable of producing up to four generations a year. No matter how clean you keep your home or apartment, if a negligent landlord fails to keep the Salt Lake City rental property free of bed bugs, you can have a bed bug infestation. This could be considered negligence on the part of the landlord.

If a hotel owner or furniture rental store owner fails to keep the location free of bed bugs, they can be held liable for your monetary damages as well as non-monetary damages caused by bed bugs.

Perhaps you sustained bed bug bites as a result of a bed bug infestation. Suffering bed bug bites also results in potentially recoverable damages.

Can I Get Sick From Bed Bugs In Salt Lake City?

People can suffer significantly as a result of a bed bug infestation or bed bug bites sustained while staying at a Salt Lake City area hotel, after accepting delivery of a purchase from a furniture rental store or after discovering a bed bug infestation at an apartment or single-family rental property.

The Oxford Academic reports results where researchers “Describe 45 candidate pathogens potentially transmitted by bedbugs, according to their vectorial capacity, in the wild, and vectorial competence…” Bed bugs have the potential to cause an allergic reaction, swollen tongue, infection due to itching, difficulty breathing and other physical symptoms. Oxford Academic researchers specifically state “Urticarial reactions and anaphylaxis can also occur.”

Mental health symptoms may also occur, as pointed out in the National Post. Contributor Tom Blackwell indicated that researchers determined that individuals suffering the effects of bed bug infestations are much more likely to suffer anxiety disorders, sleep disturbances, depression, panic and social isolation, compared to individuals not affected by bed bug infestations.

What Kind Of Damages Can I Recover Through a Bed Bug Bite Lawyer in Salt Lake City?

Monetary damages incurred include your medical treatments and prescriptions, lost wages, cost of replacing furniture and personal belongings and professional extermination costs.

Non-monetary damages include your psychological stress, fear of falling asleep and embarrassment due to your Salt Lake City bed bug infestation and bites. Both physical and psychological damages are potentially recoverable in your Salt Lake City bed bug case.

Contact the Salt Lake City bed bug lawyers at Bed Bug Injury Law to discuss your bed bug case and legal representation.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. This firm handles claims nationwide on a pre-litigation basis. Some attorneys are not licensed to practice in certain jurisdictions. Although most bed bug cases resolve without a lawsuit, should one need be filed in a jurisdiction the firm is not authorized to practice, our lawyers work with local counsel upon the execution of a new agreement.  
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