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People travel in and out of Indianapolis and move to Indianapolis from across the country and across the globe. Multitudes of people living in and visiting Indianapolis makes Indianapolis an ideal place for bed bugs to live. Just because Indianapolis is an ideal place for bed bugs to take up residency does not mean you have to suffer from bed bug bites or infestations.

Our office represents Indianapolis bed bug victims on a pre-litigation basis. Receive your free consultation to learn about Indianapolis bed bug case representation and potentially recovering your losses attributed to bed bugs.

Where are Bed Bugs Found?

You can find bed bugs anywhere in Indianapolis, from the poorest to the most affluent neighborhoods. Several cities in Indianapolis consistently rank in the top 50 cities in the nation for bed bug cases.

You can move to a new apartment and discover too late that the residence has bed bugs. People suffer from bed bug bites in Indianapolis budget hotels and Indianapolis’s nicest hotels. Bed bugs are delivered to Indianapolis homes when people buy or lease furniture.

Indianapolis bed bugs travel on public transportation with high numbers of reported infestations. Business Insider called the issue of bed bugs on Indianapolis subways “An unprecedented problem.” Whether you receive bed bug bites while living in, visiting, traveling through or working in Indianapolis, there is a possibility that you can suffer from bed bug bites or a bed bug infestation.

How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

While your bed at home or the bed in your hotel seems the most likely place to discover bed bugs or the place to most likely suffer bites, do not let the name “Bed bugs” fool you. Bed bugs hide to avoid detection and await the opportunity to feed on your blood from many places. When in bedding, the seams of mattresses and box springs are the most likely place to find bed bugs. In addition to seeing the actual bugs, you can potentially discover their shed skin, called the “Exoskeleton,” or you may see droppings that resemble small black or reddish-brown dots on bedding. Bed bugs also occupy the seams of your headboard or the frame.

They hide in corners and between seams of dresser drawers and frames of wood furniture. Bed bugs also make their home in upholstered furniture such as sofas and chairs in residences, hotels, workplaces, retail stores and other businesses. They hide along baseboards and moldings of Indianapolis apartments and often travel between apartments. TheIndianapolis Integrated Pest Management at Indiana University points out that bed bugs also hide in electronics, floors and luggage.

The fact is: bed bugs live just about any place in Indianapolis where people live, visit, stay temporarily, work, shop or travel.

If you suffer from bites there are several ways to distinguish between bed bug bites and bites from mosquitoes or fleas. Bed bugs bite several times, usually is a straight line. Each bite itches, looks red and swollen. You can suffer nausea, headaches, dizziness, and respiratory issues including exacerbation of asthma symptoms. Bed bug bites also potentially cause an allergic reaction, ranging from mild to severe. People also potentially suffer from stress, anxiety and insomnia related to bed bugs.

Can I Recover Losses Related to Bed Bugs with Indianapolis Bed Bug Injury Attorneys?

Each state and some cities, such as Indianapolis City, have specific laws and statutes governing responsibilities regarding bed bugs. When your landlord or hotel fails to protect you against the devastating consequences of bed bug bites or a bed bug infestation, you potentially suffer losses. You potentially suffer lost wages when you see a doctor for bed bug bites or the secondary symptoms from the bites. You can lose wages when you have to let an exterminator in or have to move due to bed bug infestations. You possibly suffer losses when in a hotel or after making purchases infested with bed bugs.

Can I Sue a Hotel for Bed Bug Bite Injuries?

If you believe that you or a loved one has suffered from bed bug bite injuries because of negligent hotel staff, you may be eligible for compensation with the help of an experienced Indianapolis bed bug bite attorney. Our office represents clients on a pre-litigation basis. We can help determine if you have a case and attempt to settle your claim with the parties responsible for the infestation.

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. This firm handles claims nationwide on a pre-litigation basis only. Some attorneys are not licensed to practice in certain jurisdictions. Although most bed bug cases resolve without a lawsuit, should one need be filed in a jurisdiction the firm is not authorized to practice, our lawyers can work with local counsel upon the execution of a new agreement. 

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