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A recent resurgence of bed bugs around the globe did not escape Boston. Boston residents and visitors face the potential of coming in contact with bed bugs, then possibly suffering devastating losses due to a bed bug infestation.

Landlords, property owners and hotels have a responsibility to prevent and treat bed bugs. When they fail to do so, the result is that innocent people potentially suffer significant losses from the bed bug infestation.

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Do I have bed bugs in my Boston apartment or hotel?

Bed bugs have quite an ability to hide undetected. Many people discover that they have a bed bug infestation in their Boston home, apartment or Boston-area hotel only after suffering bed bug bites.

Bed bugs hide in several locations throughout residences and hotels. Check headboards, not just the mattress and box springs. Look behind pictures and other items hanging on walls. Look around baseboards and around switch plates. Bed bugs also hide in wood and upholstered furniture.

How do I know if these bites are from bed bugs in my Boston residence or hotel?

Bed bug bites appear as raised, red welts or bites that some people likely mistake as mosquito bites. However, while mosquitoes bite randomly once or twice, an individual suffering from bed bug bites often suffers from multiple bites, in a rough line. The bites often itch intensely and a person can have an allergic reaction to bed bug bites.

Additionally, the American Academy of Dermatology points out that bed bug bites potentially cause:

  • Possible infection from scratching
  • Rapid breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Overall feeling of being very sick
  • Fever

Can I suffer other illnesses because of Boston bed bugs?

Bed bugs cost workers missed work, which results in lost pay, trips to the doctor or dermatologist and other substantial damages due to illnesses suffered from bed bug infestations.

Penn Medicine researchers and their colleagues released findings of their study that determined bed bugs do carry and transmit T.cruzi, the parasite responsible for the deadly Chagas Disease, which kills approximately 50,000 people very year. Additionally, the National Institutes of health reports on another study that indicates “Upwards of 45 disease pathogens have been reported in bed bugs…”

People exposed to bed bug infestations can also suffer mental health issues related to incurring lost wages, having to discard of personal items and increased levels of stress and anxiety. The Ohio State University points to evidence presented by the American Journal of Medicine which determined bed bugs potentially cause insomnia, nightmares, hyper vigilance to try and keep bed bugs away, anxiety, avoidance behaviors and even post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The mental health effects of a bed bug infestation have the ability to affect an individual just as much as the physical effects of a bed bug infestation can.

Are there laws to protect people against bed bugs in Boston?

The Massachusetts State Sanitary Code, Chapter II, 410.550 specifically addresses responsibilities regarding keeping premises free of insects and other pests. The Massachusetts Sanitary Code also requires landlords with more than three dwelling units to hire a professional exterminator to treat bed bug infestations.

The City of Boston specifically requires a report on all bed bug infestations and after having such a report, to receive an extermination report within 14 days of violation. However, it is important to contact an experienced bed bug attorney to discuss the specifics surrounding your potential case.

What kind of damages can I recover from a Boston bed bug infestation?

When you suffer from bed bug infestations in Boston, you have rights and the potential ability to recover monetary and non-monetary damages. Monetary damages involve actual damages such as cost of replacing furniture, bedding, carpeting and personal belongings. It may also include lost wages, costs of prescriptions and medical care, in addition to other actual damages you may have sustained.

Non-monetary damages include injuries such as mental and emotional anguish,embarrassment and the inconvenience stemming from attempting to rid your home of infestation.

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